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Did you think that of Vienna is only a city of history and magnificent palaces? Did you think maybe that Viennese sat drinking coffee, eating cake, telling stories about the old empires and emperors? If you have such an impression you are sadly mistaken. Vienna is a modern city, one of Europe’s largest metropolises full of youthful spirit. If you want to spend and enjoy the clubs and bars that offer quality content then you have to try the nightlife in Vienna.

Tourists will hardly recognize all the best places to go out, because they are not often located in the center and are not close to tourist attractions. Viennese go out to the clubs, which operate on the principle of limited entry or the local Heurigens in the suburbs.


The name Heurigen comes from the original Viennese phrase for the wine of the latest harvest, while Heurigen today means the place where the wine is sold. Each Heurigen can sell wine only from their own estate, a maximum of 300 days a year. Although it is possible to come across the Heurigen in the city, the best are located in small villages on the outskirts, in the 10th, 19th and 23rd district: Grinzing, Nussdorf, Heiligenstadt, Sievering and Stammersdorf. This is truly a unique experience that can not be repeated in any other place. Therefore we advise you to take a moment and go to a Heurigen.

The most popular collection of bars and clubs are located in the Bermuda Dreieck (Bermuda Triangle), in the former Jewish quarter, near the church of St Rupprecht. If you want “more urban” experience clubs are usually open on weekdays until 2:00 AM, and on Friday and Saturday until 04:00 AM. Some bars in the first district tend to be open until 03:00 AM or¬†4:00 AM, sometimes even longer. The age limit to serve alcohol is 18 years. Beer is the most popular drink and it costs between 3 and 4 EUR, in the more expensive bars and clubs it goes up to 5 Euros.

The highest concentration of bars, clubs and casinos is located in Kärntnerstrasse, Mariahilferstrasse, Ringstrase and Spittelbergu.

We recommend that you use one of the programs offered by the Original Vienna Tours, but purely to have in mind what is waiting for you we inquired a little among the younger generation to see what are the clubs and places of entertainment and fun that they prefer to visit.

One of the names that is mentioned most often is Pratersauna. This used to, as the name implied, a sauna, but is now one of the most prominent city clubs. There is a truly unique atmosphere, and the club mostly plays techno and electro music. This club is now open year-round, but the most interesting part of the year is summertime when the party takes place in the garden. The garden is unique because it takes place around the open pool, which is illuminated and contributes to the overall atmosphere. Of course the party is taking place inside and on several floors of the old sauna built in 1965. This club has been several times proclaimed as one of the best in Europe, and you should certainly check out what has attracted so many people to it.

The name we also often heard mentioned is Flex club. The club Flex has a great live music scene. First of all, it has great live musical performances, with a large selection of concerts and DJ performances. Large open terrace allow you to enjoy the musical repertoire in the summer days without having to fight for every breath of air.

Camera club is one of the oldest clubs in town. It was founded in 1971. Today you can also find a good time here with electro, techno and dub step themed evenings.

Also one of the best clubs is Grelle Forelle. It is located in the 9th district near the Danube canal. Although the main focus in this club is techno music, you can often come across hip hop and alternative performances. What is Interesting about this club is that they have a strict policy against photographing and audio-video recording. This was done in order to give the visitors of the club a freedom to enjoy and relax the way they like and to freely express them.

Vienna really has a lot of content from which you can select the best version for your night out. You can chose from peaceful wine tasting in the beautiful surroundings to wild parties in the underground and mainstream clubs until dawn.


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