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Original Prague Pub Crawl

  • Great Prauge Night Life
  • Free Drinks
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    Original Prague Pub Crawl

    Prague is a picturesque city with an enormous amount of history. But that doesn’t mean Prague doesn’t know how to party! Join us on the Original Prague Pub Crawl and come explore the nightlife of Prague with us. Meet us in a local cozy pub where we will get to know the group, meet the guides, and learn the drink specials and plan for the night. This social tour is great for groups, singles, and a couple friends. You will meet travelers from around the world and rub shoulders with the locals and we take to the Prague night. This Prague Pub Crawl is a one of a kind experience and the venues that we go to can change based on numerous factors like the time of year or the day of the week. In this way we try to make sure that every crawl we run is awesome, and our local guides are ready to show you why. If your looking for a great night out come with us on the Original Prague Pub Crawl

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    The Prague Pub Crawl is not just a great way to meet some cool people, its also a great way to learn your way around Prague and get a feel of the vibe in the city. We will visit some of the better known night life locations as we make our way to pubs, clubs, bars, lounges, dance halls, and live music venues. Along the way we will run into some great drink specials some free drinks, and of course at the end of the night we will walk straight into one of Prague best night clubs. We have the whole night planned out so just bring a smile and a good attitude, the Original Prague Pub Crawl can take care of the rest!

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