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5 Rocking Cities to Party Hard in Europe

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If C is meant for Clubbing, then E is meant for ‘Endless’ party in Europe. There are many clubbing capitals to sweep your feet off the floor and give you the most rocking party of your life. Many of us often sit back home assuming that partying means carrying a heavy wallet. However, Europe has some secret as well as popular destinations to give you a budgeted party without compromising on the fun and celebrations.


5 cities in Europe that promise you the most happening time of your life:

  1. Berlin – Germany:
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Berlin is the hub of techno that runs throughout the globe. You can pretty much expect a party that never stops till late night. Enjoy a great taste of beer at a cheap price.  We cannot forget to mention the voluptuous German girls and handsome guys with hypnotizing eyes, which will take your heart away. Moreover, you can enjoy partying to the core. The summer beats are quite famous and people all over the world come here to dip themselves in the colors of the nightlife.

Some popular clubs in Berlin to check-in:

  • The Techno Temple
  • Hidden Basement Charme
  • Soylent
  • Watergate
  • Santa Maria
  • FKK bar


  1. Barcelona – Spain:
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Barcelona is the city for night crawlers. Expect nothing major until 1 am. The locals and the travelers carry welcome everyone to join the gang until dawn. You will find an array of classy clubs in Barcelona. Party wild, party hard or party in a budget, there is no scope for disappointment. The people of Spain have a friendly nature and they are open to expand their social circle when they are in a mood to socialize.

Some popular clubs in Barcelona to check-in:

  • Marula Café
  • Razzclub
  • Nitsa
  • La Boite Barcelona
  • Moog
  • La Terrrazza
  • Jamboree


  1. Amsterdam – Netherlands:
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Go crazy partying hard at some of the most happening cities in Europe. Amsterdam is a place to relax, enjoy, and throw a party for all your special days of life. Throw a bachelor party, arrange a get together, make a just married announcement, or anything to excuse self for visiting the nightclubs. From decent pubs to huge rave parties, you have clubs that fit well for all reasons of celebrations.

Some popular clubs in Amsterdam to check-in:

  • Bitterzoet
  • Club Air
  • Studio 80
  • ClubNL
  • Jimmy Woo
  • Paradiso


  1. Prague – Czech Republic:
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Prague is one of the most affordable places to party hard with no major restrictions in Europe. The drinks are reasonably cheap, the music is loud, and the nights are long in Prague. You may also call the city as the garden of Beers, as it’s something you will find the most in the hands of locals. The crowd is superb and the clubs are very lively. From prom nights to hard rock music dance shows, you have every reason to feast here.

Some popular clubs in Prague to remember:

  • 02 Arena
  • Palanca Dance Club
  • Bombay Bar
  • Mecca
  • SaSaZu Club & Restaurant
  • Karlovy Lazne


  1. Ios – Greece:
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Greece is the hub for summer parties. People from all over the world gather here to welcome summer heat and loud beats. Everyone is in a great party mood and not many would mind a little flirtatious talk to make the party lively. Ios is one of the best cities to spend some good time with friends and loved ones. The nightclubs in Ios are quite popular for their ambience and music. Expect lot of young tourists who will bring an amazing spirit to dance on the recent hits.

Some popular clubs in Ios to remember:

  • Fusion
  • Lemon
  • Rehab
  • Disco 69
  • Scorpion

Some cities of Europe may follow a formal dress code, while the others simply welcome you whole heartedly. We wish you the best of party times in Europe!

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